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(Power wheelchair simulation training software and more!)
Screenshot of Wheels! softwarePicture of Wheels! software in use
        by joystick

    While Joystick Trainer, above, works with the physical and cognitive skills of moving a joystick, Wheels is a fully immersive 3D action game, designed specifically for joystick and other alternative input devices.  It is very forgiving, has incremental levels, fun monsters, great sound effects and music, and important feedback for power wheelchair training.

Works with: SAM-Joystick or SAM-Trackball, keyboard, mouse, IntelliKeys

Wheels! Software (for Windows) for Download (Nothing will be shipped! See below for CD version)
1) Download the software. It will let you try it for 7 times.  You can then...
2) Purchase a Registration Code (or you can purchase the Code at any time)
SW-18R - Registration Code for Wheels! for ALL Windows.....$59 Download Now
(9.17 MB)

Wheels! Software (for Mac OS 9) for Download
SM-21D - Registration Code for Wheels! for Mac (OS 9).....$59 Download Demo
(2.5 MB)
Purchase and Download
Full Version
Wheels! Software for Shipment via UPS
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click again, please)
SM-21 - Wheels! for Mac.....$59* Order
SW-18 - Wheels! for ALL Windows.....$59* Order

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