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Voice Recorder/Story-Teller
(Click here to see how to use this for storybook reading!)

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image of Switch-Adapted Voice Recorder
Olmpus VN-5200PC (with Play and Record buttons switch-adapted)
(switches are optional!)

As with many of my other adaptations, the request to create this item came from 'you'!  A mom emailed me, asked me to research a way for her college-bound, and physically challenged son to be able to record lectures.  She couldn't find anything available.  I looked, and also could not find anything! 

So here it is.  I'm currently using the model specified under the picture above here.  At Standard Play, it can record about 70 hours of lecture (at Long Play, which is just fine also, over 400 hours!).  It records in the Windows standard WMA (Windows Media Audio).  Using the included USB cable, it acts as a 'hard drive' to your PC or Mac (512 MB flash drive).  The WMA files play back right from Windows in iTunes or any song-playing software (can play on Mac with special software also).  With the stereo mini "mic in" jack, this device can also be utilized for students that want to take online college notes as well.

I've adapted the Play and Record buttons.  The unit powers down after 5 minutes of non-use.  Either switch wakes it up.  The next Record switch press starts recording.  It records sequentially without having to do any folder setting up.  It's very easy.  You stop recording with either switch.  For note-taking, you stop/start as many times as they want.

Later on, the Play switch then plays what you have recorded. 

*** Important New Info as of 10/8/10 ***

Just emailed back and forth with a teacher that wanted to use this product with a *different* population than I intended above.  She wanted her kids to be able to play back a page from a storybook with each switch hit.  After detailing about some of my other products that would do what she wants, turns out it was easy to multi-purpose THIS product! :)

Teachers/parents read and record each page individually on the recorder.  They can even have higher-functioning physically challenged kids *help* with this, using their Record switch!

Now, as the teacher/parent reads the storybook to the child/children, a physically challenged child can press the Play switch for each page!  It works great!!!!

image of
              Switch-Adapted Voice Recorder with Dual Button Box
(click pic to enlarge)
Switch-Adapted Voice Recorder in its optional stand on left, included USB cable, and optional Dual Button Box

One control option is my Dual Button Box above, for hand usage.  Another is my ChinCheekA (pronounced like the animal, Chinchilla) dual switch.  And still another is with 2 independent, appropriately positioned, single switches.

Remember to click a pic to see it larger!

image of voice
              recorder in its stand
The Stand comes with some of my Stick & Suck on the bottom to stay put on smooth, flat surfaces, and an adapter for rough surfaces.

You can use the included USB cable to move your voice files to your PC or Mac.  Plug & Play for Windows, no special software needed.  For Mac, you'll need a WMA plug-in and/or player (free online).

Hope this really helps someone out there!

H-52 - Switch-Adapted Voice Recorder.....$129 Order
H-52-S - Stand for Voice Recorder.....$20

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