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  Tablet Stands
(for any iPad, Auggie, tablets, or AAC device)


imgae of Ipad stand
RJ's Tablet Stand
(Actually, you can easily bend the stand to get many angles, from 20-80 degrees!)
Click here for a very nice review!
image of tall tablet stand
Tall Tablet Stand
Pictured here in my Ultimate II Case, the Tall Stand allows my iPad to be above my VO Controller or BIG Blue-Tooth keyboard (or any keyboard positioned at my preferred steep angle)
(click any pic for larger image)

I try to offer *exactly* what is needed.  The BIG issue is the stability and non-skid of the stand (and height, when *not* touching the iPad directly).  There are scads of iPad stands on the commercial market (go to Amazon.com and enter "ipad stand"), but *none of them* are really suitable for special needs situations.  They tip, tilt, move, and slip.  And any case with a built-in stand has the same problems (with one exception*).

The pictures on this page show an iPad, but as my Auggie is the same exact size as the iPad 1, it fits onto both Stands here, as well as my Super-Auggie, or *any* AAC device!

imgae of
                  Ipad on stand
'Fixed'-angle (which you can bend for more angles) iPad Stand

(click pics to zoom)

(Remember, you can click any picture for a larger image!)

image of jack with Tall Tablet Stand and
                        Big Blue
Jack from NY with the Tall Tablet Stand holding
the iPad and Big Blue-Tooth Keyboard

image of side of tall tablet stand
Side View showing the included Adjustable Tablet Holder of your choice
(see table below)

(the iPad is in my Ultimate II Case (with the handle removed)

H-36  - Fixed-angle  (which you can bend for more angles)
Tablet Stand.....$39

H-36-Tall - Tall Tablet Stand...$149
(You must pick an included Tablet Holder)--->
Select a Tablet Holder,
then click Order.

*If you only need your iPad/Auggie to be at a 30 degree angle, and your user has a very light touch, then a case with a cover that folds over to be a 30 degree stand might work for you).

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