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  Tablet Speaker
(for all iPads & tablets)
(all these pics show an older Motorola speaker; we now use a louder one by another mfgr)
image of
                        ipad on stand with speaker
Here's my Auggie (or an iPad) in my Tablet Stand bracket, with my Tablet Speaker attached via included
ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener. This Tablet Holder is OLD. Newer ones that I currently use are here.
image of ipad carry case with speaker
This is the back of my old Tablet Carry Case with the speaker *firmly attached using
ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener.

(click any pics for larger image)

The built-in speaker of the iPad is simply insufficient volume to allow the iPad and AAC software to function as an AAC device.  Through the iPad's Bluetooth, which stays active even after sleep/wakeup, my iPad Speaker increases volume about 200%.  And it weighs only 3.5 oz (1/4 lb).  The rechargeable battery lasts 2-3 days.

Here are 2 recordings that I made in a fast food restaurant.  They illustrate the situation:

Click here to hear the iPad's own speaker playing a recording of me saying "Let's watch your DVD player"

Click here to hear my cordless iPad Speaker playing the same recording

image of ipad sound test
For those interested, here is a picture of my test setup.  iPad is in front with my Speaker on the iPad Stand, as pictured at the top of this page.  My Super-Auggie Windows XP PC is at the top of this picture, with a nice microphone plugged in, about 2 feet from the iPad. The only difference between these recordings is my iPad Speaker with its volume up.  I did not change the recording volume of my PC.

image of ipad
                  with speaker on rear in stand
  Another mounting spot for my Speaker is directly to the back of the Bumper Case,
via my
Super-Hook&Loop sitting in my Tablet Stand
(remember, click pics to see larger images)

H-37  - Tablet Speaker for all iPads.....$79 (includes Super-Hook&Loop)

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