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  Carry/Bumper Case Combo
(for iPads 1, and 2-4)

image of
                        ipad carry caseimage 2 of
                      ipad carry case
Here's my daughter, Courtney *, with the iPad in landscape mode on left and portrait on right. 
in the picture on the left you can just barely see my iPad Speaker on the bottom of the Carry Case.
(click any pic for larger image)

I probably won't be the last, but I'm certainly the first, at creating a way or protecting and using the iPad while 'on the go'!  It's a leather case that completely surrounds the iPad, with the front windows completely open.  I've put metal eyelets on each corner so the included shoulder strap can hook to any two to produce portrait or landscape mode.  The shoulder strap is lighweight and thin, and I even include a clear screen protector (that you apply to your iPad).

image of iPad going into
                            Bumper Case
Here you can see the snap-on clear Bumper for the iPad 1.  The one for the iPads 2-4 is very similar but thinner.

iamge of rear of carry case
Here's the rear of my Carry Case showing my optional iPad Speaker (using ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener), in landscape mode.
(Click pics for larger images)

(all purchases INCLUDE the shoulder strap and a screen protector!

H-62-COMBO-B2 - Carry/Bumper Case Combo for iPad 2-4.....$39 Order
H-62-COMBO-B - Carry/Bumper Case Combo for iPad 1.....$49 Order

* Courtney, for those interested, is now 20, last seen on my website showing my Mini-Auggie, long before there was an iPad.  In 2005, my concept of a 'wearable' AAC device was still fairly new!

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