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Select-5 Device Controller
(TV, iPod, Voice Recorder, MP3 Player, DVD Player, & switch-adapted anything!)

(Discontinued....see individual button boxes in the Miscellaneous Gadgets section of home page)

image of select-5
            device controller with tv remote
Shown here with TV Remote
(click on any picture for larger image)

ECU's....heard of them?  Environmental Control Units, giving persons with special needs the ability to control real-world devices, other than computers
About 5 years ago, OT's and PT's startd calling them EADL's, Electronic Aids for Daily Living, because it was easier getting them funded with that name.

Several companies made (and still make) stand-alone EADL devices, some inexpensive and limited to one device/function, and others much more expensive and quite comprehensive, able to control mutliple devices/functions.

In 2005 I came out with my EADL Package, PC-based and with more capabilities than anything I was aware of, and still low priced.  But it required a computer.

I wanted something stand-alone and in the middle, both in capabilities and price.

I wanted something stand-alone and in the middle, both in capabilities and price.  I wanted one device to control many things.  That is, you simply plug in my adapted remote/device that you wish to control, into the 9-pin port on the rear, record your 'labels' and off you go!

And it had to be accessible by switch(es) also, of course!

And here it is, 1 1/2 years after I started this project!

Select-5 is a stand-alone EADL for a person that can direct select its butons, or operate a switch(es) plugged into its rear.

TV Remote

Easily the most requested real-world device to be controlled by our switch-users is their TV.  Here are some more pics of Select-5 with my adapted TV Remote.

Remember to click any picture to have it enlarge

select-5 device controller w-tv remote from
Here is the rear of Select-5, showing the optional switch *inputs*

Select-5 controls Channel Up, Channel Down, Power, Volume Up, & Volume Down.

I chose this particular remote because it is the only one I found on which the power and volume buttons control the TV but the Channel buttons control your cable/satellite box channels!  Very groovy, baby (said in my best Austin Powers voice ;-)

Next is my iPod Remote
                  of select-5 with ipod remote
You can see my little iPod remote attached by hook & loop fastener to the top of Select-5, connected through the device port on the rear.

Select-5 controls Power/Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous Song, Volume Up, & Volume Down.

Voice Recorder

image of selectn-5 with voice recorder        image of select-5 device controller
This one shows my Select-5-Adapted Voice Recorder (for more info on my Switch-Adapted Voice Recorder, click here). 

Scan-5 controls Play/Pause, Record, Next, Previous, & Erase.

Remember to click any picture to have it enlarged!

Portable DVD Player
image of scan-5-adapted portable dvd player
I took my Switch-Adapted portrable DVD Player and adapted its remote for Select-5. 
For more info on the DVD Player itself, click here.

Scan-5 controls Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next Chapter, & PreviousChapter.

MP3 Player

image of mp3 player that is

And here I took my Switch-Adapted MP3 Player and adapted it for Select-5. 
(actual MP3 Player may vary)

Select-5 controls Power/Play/Pause, Next Song, Volume Up, Previous Song, Volume Down.

Toys, Appliances, CD Player, & More

Finally, I made 5 switch *outputs* available as a Select-5 adapter, to control anything else that is switch-adapted*: toys, appliances (through an appropriate large current controller), CD player, and other items.  For a detailed explanation of the phrase "switch-adapted", click here.

H-69 - Select-5.....$99
(In order to operate one of the devices below, you MUST order this *controller* first!)

H-69-S - Select-5 w/rear switch inputs also.....$129
H-68-TV - TV Remote.....$99
(you *must* specify your provider (DirecTV, Time Warner, etc.)
in the Comments section during Checkout)

H-68-iPod-DOCK - iPod Remote.....$99
H-68-IR - IR Remote.....$99
H-68-VR - Voice Recorder.....$129
H-68-DVD - Portable DVD Player.....$249
H-68-MP3 - 2 GB MP3 Player.....$79
H-68-TOY - Toy/Device Adapter.....$59

More on the Phrase Switch-Adapted

Almost everything that is electrical can be switch-adapted.  Let's start with a battery-operated toy.  First, there *is* a company that makes a BUNCH of switch-adapted battery-operated toys, EnablingDevices.com.  But you can adapt a simple toy/device yourself, also!  EnablingDevices also makes "battery interruptors."  This is a small, inexpensive, double sided 'current' (the flow of electricity) stopper.  When placed in between a battery tip and the toy/device contact, it stops the flow of electricity.  It has a 1/8" (standard for our field) female switch jack attached, into which you plug *your* switch.  Turn your toy/device *on*, so that, when you press/activate your switch, *you* are making the connection that the interruptor has been stopping.  Result?  The toy/device comes on!  Simple!  Read this again and it will become clear :)

BUT, there are many devices that don't operate on a simply on/off switch for which an interrupor would work.  These would include a CD Player, TV, stereo, appliance, MP3 Player, basically, anything with *electronic* controls or with large 'current'. 

And that's where *I* come in (and several other companies), giving you the power to control even these 'picky' devices! 

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