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SAM - Trackball
(Switch-Adapted Mouse devices)
Picture of SAM-Trackball -
        switch adapted trackball that functions as switch interface
  Compact Switch shown mounted on Mini-Arm; any switch will work.
Trackball is also available without the switch adaptations)
(Trackballs now manufactured by
image for cst)

Picture of boy using SAM with special
          slings supporting his arms
Jack using his SAM-Trackball, with a light-touch switch for his 'click' (plugged into the 'left" switch input of SAM)

    Now you can plug your switch(es) into our Switch-Adapted Mouse (SAM) device for your PC or Mac for a variety of purposes!

    You simply plug SAM-Trackball where your current mouse is, and plug your switch(es) into SAM. A switch plugged into one of SAM's switch inputs acts as the corresponding button, function.  The accompanying software lets you set up the switch inputs as just about anything you'd like.

 It functions as your regular mouse device AND your switch interface.

  Windows Users:
Mac Users:

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