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SAM - Joystick
(Switch-Adapted Mouse - Joystick) 

image of sam-joystick
For either PC or Mac OS X
(shown with optional 1" Compact Switch for clicking with non-joystick hand)

                    of Jeff with SAM-Joystick and Gumball Switch

Jeff moves the cursor, using SAM-Joystick mounted on my Mini-Arm, with his left hand and clicks with his right, using our Gumball Switch held in place with
ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener on the bottom, which attaches 'just right' to a hot/cold Compress Pack, so the Switch doesn't move.  He loves it!

    I also make SAM as a joystick. It also has a click, double click, and drag switch inputs. I've seen this joystick really change lives! When you push the stick, the cursor does not go flying, no matter what the user does. It simply moves in that direction at a given speed, controllable by accompanying software. I recommend mounting SAM to our Magic arm and Device Adapter, for optimal positioning.  And there are already switch inputs to perform the button actions by switches!

     Clicking can be accomplished by: 1) using the joystick buttons, which can be set as you'd like; 2) use an external switch, as pictured above; 3) use our SmartClick dwell utility.

HW-13 SAM-Joystick for Windows (USB); purchase includes Joystick-to-Mouse software) - $229
HMX-12-USB SAM-Joystick for Mac OS X USB - $229
SW-10R - Registration Code for Joystick-To-Mouse for Windows (software only) - $50

Windows:  Download Joystick-To-Mouse software to let our SAM-Joystick for Windows control the cursor
Download Windows 7 & earlier version

Download Windows 8/10 version
Download SAM-X software for Mac OS X 10.2 & 10.3

Download SAM-X software for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher

Mac OS 9 (and earlier): Download SAM-Joystick control panel

Mac OS 9: If you have the iMate USB adapter, please click here to jump to the iMate driver web page at Griffin Technologies
Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this product

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