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RJ Cooper is coming to Bellmawr, NJ!


Thursday, May 24, 2001


Larc School

1089 Creek Road

Bellmawr, NJ 08031

Open to the public.

About RJ Cooper

RJ Cooper has been researching and developing computer software and hardware adaptations for people with special needs for more than eighteen years. He has written a column for Closing the Gap, a publication devoted to computer technology in special education and rehabilitation.He also lectures about adaptive technology at many conferences.You can learn more about him on his web site at

About the Conference

RJ will be woring individually for one-half hour with some of Larcís learners, all of whom have moderate to severe disabilities. During that time, he will evaluate and determine the optimal means for each to access assistive devices and develop learning solutions. He will be bringing with him all necessary hardware and software. Large TV monitors will be set up to show these sessions so that all attending will be able to see and hear as he works with each one.


Registration and Refreshments
Introduction by RJ Cooper
4 learners, ½ hour each
Lunch, provided by Larc
4 learners, ½ hour each


Name____________________________________ Facility___________________________________
Address__________________________________ Phone__________________________________
Send registration information to: Larc School, 1089 Creek Road, Bellmawr, NJ 08031
Fax: (856) 933-3158
Deadline for registration: May 21, 2001
For information, call (856) 933-3725.

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