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(Point To Pictures-PC)
Augmentative Communication Software
(see new Board Sharing section)

image of main board
PTP-PC's sample <main> Board
(click pic for larger image)

I created this software specifically for my Auggie/Super-Auggie AAC devices but some are using it on their PC's!

Here is my attempt to make 'real' AAC software.  Even though there is a good choice of products on the market -  SDPro, The Grid, Talking Screens, and several others - I felt they are all quite pricey.  So in keeping with my desire to make AAC accessible to all, like my Auggies, and since we had already made my PTP-Mobile software for my Mini-Auggie (that's why the .Net Framework from Microsoft is necessary, so we use the same "code base," techie thing), it wasn't too big a leap to make PTP-PC.  It's almost identical to PTP-Mobile, for those of you that already have our Mini-Auggie, and it's very 'sequential'.  That is, is not menu-bar based like other software.  It flows from one item to another, dealing with only those things directly connected with the screen you're on.  I find it more intuitive. 

Sample Screens
(click on pics for larger images)
image of main screen image of Boards
image of
                    Board Editor
image of
                      cell editor
Main Menu
Board Editor
Cell Editor
image of
                    Cell consequences
image of Cell
image of
                    user settings
image of
                      scan settings
Cell Consequence Editor
Cell Limits (to dissuade perserveration
User Settings
Scan Settings
image of
                    text-to-speech settings
image of
                    sentence bar settings
                    of preferences

Text-to-Speech Settings
Sentence Bar Settings
Password Preferences

There are many features I've put into PTP-PC that testers have requested, and because I actually work with hundreds of learners per year, I've added some features that other AAC software doesn't have!  Here are some of the highlights.
  • Board layouts from 1-64 Cells/Board (no individual creation of layouts necessary)
  • Super-size Cells
  • Zoom into fullscreen image upon selection
  • Playback of MP3's (make your own 'iPod' for special needs!)
  • 2 voices of the highest quality Text-To-Speech (TTS) that I know of (Neospeech; requires shipment of CD at no extra charge)
  • Cell limits, to dissuade perserveration
  • WordCompletion and preview
  • Auto and Step-Scanning built in
  • Ability to record Cell messages with microphone or use TTS
  • Ability to Branch from any Cell to any Board
  • Ability to operate our EADL Package, for Infrared control of TV/VCR/etc. and/or X-10 appliances
  • Password protected from leaving User area
To run this software, you must have Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed.  Click the link on the next line, and Open.
Click here to download .Net 4

Works with:  mouse, switch(es), touchscreen, or any pointing device

(Read my Downloading notes to learn more about
downloading, decoding, and decompressing)

PTP-PC Software for Download

1) Download the software. It will let you try it 14 days.  You can then...
2) Purchase a Registration Code (or you can purchase the Code at any time)
(If you have my Auggie, you won't need to re-register or purchase)
SW-15R - Registration Code PTP-PC for ALL Windows - $199
(TTS voices CD will be shipped)

Download Now

SW-15PCS-R - Registration Code for PCS Libraries - $150
(Requires purchase before use)
(Version 1.0, 5-11-05)

PTP Software for Shipment

SW-15 - PTP-PC for ALL Windows - $199

SW-15PCS - PCS Libraries - $150

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