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OnScreen for Windows (Windows 8 also!)
(on-screen keyboard with WordComplete)
(KeyStrokes for Mac OS X)

image of on-screen keyboard
(OnScreen for Windows - Click on pic to see full size image)

    Our on-screen keyboard allows the user to enter text into any application. I've included many special features based on feedback from actual on-screen keyboard users. A few are:

    WordComplete gives you choices of words you've used previously, in the order of frequency-of- use, to complete your current word. It learns as you use it, adding to its built-in word bank.

    SizeApp/Auto-Arrange lets you size the application you are typing 'into', so that the OnScreen and app. windows do not cover each other.

(click pics for larger images!)
image of alex and onscreen keyboardimage of closeup of onscreen
Alex with his 'click' cheek switch listening to his requested new feature for OnScreen, Scan WordComplete Words.

Alex uses a controller on his wheelchair to control the PC cursor and clicks with his cheek.  He had been using my CrossScanner with 2 switches, but he likes the wheelchair controller better as it's 'direct select' (and I don't blame him ;-)  You can see our OnScreen on his screen.  The arrow points to the WordComplete (WC) area (like "word prediction").  Alex loves being to *hear* the WC candidates but it takes time for him to move his cursor from the letter area of OnScreen over to the WC words to hear them (he has a visual deficit also).  So he, and his OT, Carol, asked me (and Kermit of IMG, the programmer on this project), to create a new feature, "Scan WC Words" for him.  Now, he can type a letter, and the WC words will auto-speak.  When/if he hears his desired word, he simply clicks again; he doesn't have to move his cursor.  After OnScreen types that word into his document, the cursor re-appears back on his clicked letter in OnScreen's letter area. 

It sounds more complicated than it is!  It worked and Alex wrote me this note (he also wrote one to Kermit!):

"Hi, RJ,
Thank you so much for helping us get this program working.  Here are some pictures that Carol took of me using my computer with the new set-up you and Kermit made.  It will really help me.
Thanks again,

Many people ask how our OnScreen can be so inexpensive and what are the major differences between it and other on-screen keyboards, so...

  1. OnScreen has WordComplete, which is not the same as word *prediction*.  WordComplete just attempts to complete the word you are working on, whereas word prediction attempts to 'read ahead'
  2. OnScreen now has built-in row/column, *talking* scanning (1-2 switches)!  Great for visually impaired.  Or a sighted user can us CrossScanner  for 1-2 switch scanning.
  3. OnScreen allows you to change any and all colors (Mac OS 9 and Windows versions only).
  4. OnScreen auto-arranges windows (some of the others do not) (Mac OS 9 and Windows versions only).
  5. OnScreen talks (some of the others do not) (Mac OS 9 and Windows versions only).
  6. OnScreen has macro capabilities (some of the others do not).
  7. OnScreen has a large variety of sizes (some of the others do not).
  8. OnScreen lets you edit the WordComplete lists directly (some of the others do not).
  9. OnScreen lets you *create* or add to word lists, from any text source.
  10. OnScreen lets you set almost any language (some of the others do not).
  11. OnScreen lets you 'hide' keys, for 'early' learners (no other does this) (Windows version only)
  12. OnScreen lets you launch other programs from within it (some of the others do not).
  13. OnScreen, with one click, moves and auto-arranges between top and bottom of screen (the others don't do that) ((Mac OS 9 and Windows versions only).
  14. OnScreen, when LARGE and too big to fit on-screen, auto-scrolls left/right when you pin the cursor against an edge (the others don't do that) (Windows version only)
  15. OnScreen works with Vista and XP/NT/2000/98/95 (some of the others do not).
  16. The other 'big' on-screen keyboards run from $300-$1400 (well, you asked about major differences! ;-)
Keystrokes, another company's product for Mac OS X, which we are reselling,
has many of the same features!

So, as you can see, as far as we can tell, for a *fraction* of the price, OnScreen does most of what the others do, and quite a bit more!

Works with: any pointing device (SAM-Joystick and SAM-Trackball works well) or CrossScanner

(Read my Downloading notes to learn more about
downloading, decoding, and decompressing)

OnScreen Software for Download (Nothing will be shipped! See below for CD version)
1) Download the software. It will let you try it for 14 days.  You must then...

2) Purchase a Registration Code (or you can purchase the Code at any time)
SW-7R - Registration Code for OnScreen for ALL Windows - $119
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Download for Windows 7 and earlier
Download for Windows 8/10
SMX-7R - KeyStrokes for Mac OS X - $299

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SM-7R - Registration Code for OnScreen for Mac OS 9 & earlier - $119
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SM-7 -  OnScreen for Mac OS 9 (and earlier) - $119 Order
SMX-7 -  KeyStrokes for Mac OS X - $299
SMX-7-U -  KeyStrokes for Mac OS X (Upgrade) - $249
(for current OnScreen for Mac owners)

SW-7 -  OnScreen for ALL Windows - $119 Order

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this product

Click here to download the SAPI 5.1 speech installer for Windows

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