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RJ's iPad Ultimate II Case
(Versions for  iPad 2/3/4 and Air)
(8-26-13: If you are having an issue with your strap/clip, please click here)

           image of ipad ultimate ii
(Shown in my Tablet Stand, which is *not* included)

(Click any pic to see it larger)
image of chase carrying ultimate ii case for
This is Chase from CA, showing how you can 'wear' the iPad.
image of chase getting ready to use ipad
Now he's turned it on and is flipping it up for use.

image of chase
                    almost ready to use ipad
In position...

image of chase using ipad in ultimate ii case
...and there he goes ;-)

Thanks, Chase!

Shown here running my popular AAC *training* app, Point To Pictures, mounted on my Tablet Stand,
you can see the fold-able handle and the rivets I install with my shoulder strap.

(Click any pic to see it larger!)

There are some of you that must have the ultimate in protection for your precious iPad.  I do believe my Carry Case+regular Bumper Case provide as much protection as *most* of you need.  But as I say, some of you want more.  My original Ultimate Carry Case has been very popular, but 2 criticisms I receive are that it is heavy, and that I adapt a case that was really designed for the iPad 1 (because I couldn't find one that I approved of for iPads 2-4).  But now I have a case that I feel is worthy of my name ;-)  This uses a special foam and is quite resistant to damage.  Nice and thick, too.  Removable handle and allowance for my shoulder strap.

image of ipad ultimate ii case in stand
I've removed the handle (see link to directions below) and the iPad, in the Ultimate II Case is in my Tablet  Fixed-Angle Stand, at about a 70 degree angle.  The app is my Spell-A-Word and it has a variety of built-in keyboards or you can use my BIG Blue-Tooth or LARGEKeys keyboard!
image of ipad ultimate ii case in stand
Here I have adjusted the, alleged, Fixed-Angle Stand to about 45 degrees, and you can see how thick the Case is.
(The Tablet Stand is *not* included)

(Click any picture to see it larger!)

To use it with any of my Tablet Mounts, you would need to remove the handle (easy) and use my Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder.  I always advise keeping your iPad in a protective case at all times.

Click here for Removal, Insertion, and Handle Removal Instructions

image of ipad ultimate ii case hanging
I'm a FIRM believer that, when possible, an AAC device should be worn, not "carried."  In this manner, it becomes a 'part' of the user.  Showing on the iPad is my AAC *training* app, Point to Pictures.

                        of rear of ipad ultimate ii case in stand
This picture shows the rear of the Ultimate II Case.  You can see how I've attached my shoulder strap.
(Click any picture to see it larger!)
image of ultimate ii ipad case
This picture shows my Ultimate II w/the handle remove to fit into my Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder on my Magic Arm

Feedback from leader of a parent group in Canada that sold a bunch at a recent event they had:

"- The case rocks. The cases meet all the major wish list criteria I've had for a case. 

They are light-weight. 

The iPads speaker volume is not subdued by the design of the case. 

The strap is particularly well-designed and the iPad falls at a great angle across the body. (Other straps we've tried are awkward in comparison.) I wore my iPad all through the conference and was besieged by people asking about it. I LOVED having such a hands-free way to carry my iPad and could see how much the kids all appreciated it too. Teachers LOVED the strap. 

The built-in stand is awesome and useful. I loved how quickly I saw children figuring out the built-in stand and using it. 

Children LOVE it. Special educators and parents LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I expect you'll get more online orders from our conference goers because the teachers, in particular, were very enthusiastic. Two families said the case made them think they will now buy an iPad for their child."

Erin S.
(All versions include shoulder strap and screen protector)

H-56-AIR-BK - iPad Air Ultimate II Carry Case (Black).....$59 Order
H-56-BK - iPad 2-4 Ultimate II Carry Case (Black).....$59
H-56-AIR-BL - iPad Air Ultimate II Carry Case (Blue).....$59
H-56-BL - iPad 2-4 Ultimate II Carry Case (Blue).....$59
H-56-AIR-PK - iPad Air Ultimate II Carry Case (Pink).....$59 Order
H-56-PK - iPad 2-4 Ultimate II Carry Case (Pink).....$59

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