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Mini iPad Rugged Cases
There are 2 different ones on this 1 page:
Ultimate II Mini Case and Leather Mini Carry Case
(Ultimate II's for all other iPads here!)

image of gaby holding eva case by handle
This is 9 1/2 yr old Gaby from CA with my Ultimate II iPad Mini Case.
(Gaby was undergoing a 48 hour EEG monitoring, hence the gauze. But she happily agreed to modeling. Thanks, Gaby! :-)
image of gaby with leather iPad Mini case
And here is Gaby again (EEG is finished) modeling my leather 'folio' case iPad Mini Case
Click any pic to see it larger!

The iPad Mini is even better, IMHO, than the full-size ipad for ambulatory people with good fine motor and vision.  It's easier to carry but big enough to be an effective communication tool

For both Cases, I offer a variety of stands and mounts.

image of folding tablet stand

Here is a Mini 3 inside my Ultimate II Mini 3 Case with my Folding Tablet Stand on the back. (Mini 4's are listed below)

image of iPad Mini on my Magic Arm

And here is my Magic Arm mount holding a Mini.  The Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH) allows for *any* protective case.
 (actually, in this picture, the 'tabs' of the Tall ATH are too 'deep' and we'd use our Standard ATH, but it's such a great picture, don't you think? ;-)

Ultimate II
First the rigid foam Ultimate II Mini Case (which I also offer for iPads).  This one is definitely a bit bulky, but the foam does a *great* job of protecting all sides/edges. The front thickness even protects the iPad screen by never letting it touch the ground if dropped.  The only way to traumatize the iPad with the Ultimate II on is to hit it *hard* on the screen, but this would apply to *all* cases.  (There are very few that have a built-in screen cover and for those that do, the acetate has to be thin enough to allow the electricity from your finger (or one of my special pointers) to get through to the screen.  And that means even these few are vulnerable to direct screen trauma.)

image of ultimate ii for iPad mini
In this picture of the back of the Ultimate II for iPad, mounted on my
Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder, attached to any of my Tablet Mounts, the handle easily removes to fit the Holder.  I *strongly* suggest this for anyone that has *any* difficulty in holding and operating the iPad.

image of rear of ipad mini case using
                              handle as stand
This picture shows the handle folded down to slightly act as a stand, of sorts (but not enough to fit *my* criteria for a good stand, such as my Tablet Stands.
Click any pic to see it larger!

Feedback from leader of a parent group in Canada that sold a bunch at a recent event they had:

"- The case rocks. The cases meet all the major wish list criteria I've had for a case. 

They are light-weight. 

The iPads speaker volume is not subdued by the design of the case. 

The strap is particularly well-designed and the iPad falls at a great angle across the body. (Other straps we've tried are awkward in comparison.) I wore my iPad all through the conference and was besieged by people asking about it. I LOVED having such a hands-free way to carry my iPad and could see how much the kids all appreciated it too. Teachers LOVED the strap. 

The built-in stand is awesome and useful. I loved how quickly I saw children figuring out the built-in stand and using it. 

Children LOVE it. Special educators and parents LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I expect you'll get more online orders from our conference goers because the teachers, in particular, were very enthusiastic. Two families said the case made them think they will now buy an iPad for their child."

Erin S.

                                of gaby using her Mini
Note the handle of the Ultimate II Case
image of gaby holding the handle of
                                her Ultimate II
And people love that handle, even with that strap!

Click here for Removal, Insertion, and Handle Removal Instructions

iPad Mini Leather Carry Case
Sorry to offer so many choices for all my things.  I find it very difficult to decide on one versus the other, once I've narrowed the field down.  Protective cases are, most certainly, the most prolific accessory available for iPads!  Check this one out...

image of leather carry case in
                                  green for iPad Mini
This green version is shown in my Tall Tablet Stand.

image of leather carry case for
                                  iPad mini in pink
This version is red/pink, but with the neon pink strap, it *seems* more pink than red ;-)

image of purple leather carry
                                  case for iPad Mini
Here it is in purple, with cover folded over, as it would be carried by the user.

image of Velcro that holds the
                                  cover to the case on iPad mini carry
If you click on this picture, you'll, more clearly, be able to see the 2 ultra-strong Velcro BRAND strips that help to hold the cover to the case while being carried. (There are some small magnets to perform this function, but I find them insufficient for the task ;-)
Click any pic to see it larger!

(all cases come with shoulder strap and stick-on screen protector)
Ultimate II Carry Cases for Mini
H-91-BK - iPad Mini 1-3 Ultimate II Case (black).....$69 Order
H-91-BL - iPad Mini 1-3 Ultimate II Case (blue).....$69 Order
H-91-PK - iPad Mini 1-3 Ultimate II Case (pink).....$69
H-91-4-BK - iPad Mini 4 Ultimate II Case (black).....$69 Order
H-91-4-BL - iPad Mini 4 Ultimate II Case (blue).....$69 Order
H-91-4-PK - iPad Mini 4 Ultimate II Case (pink).....$69 Order
Leather Carry Cases for Mini
H-50-4-BK - iPad Mini 4 Leather Carry Case (black).....$69 Order
H-50-BK - iPad Mini 1-3 Leather Carry Case (black).....$69 Order

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