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Switch-Adapted Guitar
for  Guitar Hero
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image of erik and guitar hero
Note OPTIONAL yellow Gumball Switch at left cheek
(Click pics for larger images)

"Erik (above) is a student with severe motor challenges. He is always ready to participate in age-appropriate activities. He uses a single switch mounted at the left temple to access the guitar controller. He LOVES Guitar Hero as you can see. Despite his physical challenges, Erik scored 600 points on his first try!" (Sue R., spec. ed. teacher, La Crosse, WI)

With the popularity of Rock Band and Guitar Hero at an all-time high, I decided to allow persons with significant physical challenges to play also!  I've put 2 switch inputs in the bottom edge of the Guitar Hero guitar. 

Why Guitar Hero and not Rock Band?  Because the beginning level of Guitar hero allows you to play *without* having to press the neck buttons!  Just strum (press your switch) in time with the program.
  Image of
During the summer of 2009, I switch-adapted my first and sent it off, upon request, to Sue...

"The rock band version of Guitar Hero supports two guitars, a vocalist and a drummer. Each participant can choose their own level of difficulty: beginner, easy...expert. And they all still play together. Erik plays on the beginner level, I play on the easy level and, of course, our more able-bodied, video born-and-bred students play the more difficult levels such as expert. They always kick teacher butt."

image of
            erik in Guitar Hero

Gus (left) shows off his talent as a guitarist and singer while Tricia and Amanda (right) sing back up. Erik pumps out the bass line using the switch adapted guitar controller that he accesses with a single switch mounted at his left cheek. Erik’s excitement over being an equal participate in this activity is apparent as Gus kicks it up a notch.


            (Click pic for larger image)

And did you know you can plug a switch directly into the Guitar Hero drum set to be the bass drum?  Cool, eh?

And "No" for Rock Band, since it doesn't do 'strum-only' mode.

(guitar only! Purchase game separately; ebay or Amazon is good for that;
for Beginner mode, must be World Tour (2008) or above)

H-49-PS3 - Switch-Adapted Guitar Hero Guitar for Playstation 3.....$99 (7 left @ $59)
H-49-PS2 - Switch-Adapted Guitar Hero Guitar for Playstation 2.....$99 (1 left @ $50)

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