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Electronic Aid for Daily Living
(aka: ECU)

 image of eadl
PTP-PC for EADL (single/step switch scanning capabilities are built in!)
(click pic for larger image)

Over the years, people have asked me to create a very simple, and affordable ECU (now called EADL) package for PC's.  I wanted an all-in-one product would enable control of all IR (infrared) devices (stereo, cable, DVD, etc.) AND X-10 adapted appliances (read on).

When I created my Auggie portable AAC devices, I wanted to include, at no charge, good AAC software ("PTP-PC"), so that you didn't have to purchase yet another program.  I kept in mind that I wanted to also use the Auggie as an ECU/EADL.  So when I developed my PTP-PC, I built in the EADL capabilities. 

But after many requests, I'm now offering just the EADL part of the software, PTP-PC for EADL, here.  And since we are using a PC (laptop, desktop, or tablet, like my Auggie), all alternate input devices are supported, such as joystick, switch, and many others!

There are 3 possible components, the first 2 make up the "EADL Package."  The 3rd is optional.


Back in 2005, I found a very small USB-to-IR adapter that can be attached by
ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener to my devices or some surface and operated, with some modifications that we did, on my PTP-PC AAC software that comes on my Auggies.  It worked great!  The Auggies didn't even need to be pointed at the devices!  This device comes with an 8" cable and a USB extension cable if you need it longer.  Communication with the PC is not wireless.  Communication (IR sending) is wireless (Infrared), of course.

image of ir
USB-to-IR Blaster (w/6 ft extension cable)
(click pic for larger image)

Then I thought, why not make this generally available to those even without an Auggie. And poof, the "EADL Package" was born!

1) Plug in the USB-to-IR adapter.
2) Download and install the USB-to-IR driver software.
Train it for your existing desired remotes/commands (I've made this really simple and it actually *works*!).
4) Point it in the general direction of the IR devices.
4) Load the PTP-PC for EADL software.
6) Away you go!

2) PTP-PC for EADL

image of
                          auggie running ptp-pc for redeye
This picture is my $999 Auggie 'ipad-like' Windown 7 tablet, running my PTP-PC for EADL software (for any PC with any version of Windows), showing the main remote contoller Board.

image of PTP-PC with Redeye

This picture is from my PTP-PC for EADL software running on a PC (any version of Windows), showing the VCR Board.  There are customizable Boards for TV/Cable/Satellite, DVD, Stereo, CD, and X10/Insteon devices.

But without great software, the above hardware wouldn't do that much.  Here are the relevent screen shots of setup in PTP-PC for EADL for the EADL Package.

image of managing
              libraryimage of IR training    image of actions menu
The middle pic shows the 'teaching' necessary for just the USB-UIRT version.  The RedEye version requires no such teaching as you have access to over 200,000 code sets.

Click on pics to enlarge!

image of vcr board image of
            cell editor image of button selector

Click on pics to see their text!

3) IR-to-X10 Adapter
Now, never being satisfied, I also wanted users to be able to control actual appliances, such as lights, fans, etc., I needed X10 control.  X10 is a tried-and-tested adapter system for almost everything electrically operated in the home, even some things that you would never think could be operated electrically (check out SmartHome).  With the addition of the IR-to-X10 Adapter, PTP-PC for EADL sends IR signals, through the USB-to-IR adapter, TO the IR-to-X10 Adapter.  That adapter, which plugs into your wall socket, sends ultrasonic signals through your house AC wiring, to X10 adapters that have your desired appliance/light/etc. plugged into them.  There are even in-wall X10 adapters.  The system is seamless and works beautifully, for very little money!  I've seen a similar system for $6000!

You can get X10 adapters at SmartHome.com.

image of controller              image of appliance module
               IR-to-X10 Adapter (5" x 4" x 1")                        Appliance Module ($13)

Click here to download the PTP-PC for EADL for Windows program

(After installing, if you get an error when you run the program, you probably need a Microsoft component (.NET4) which you can download by clicking here)

  EADL Package for Shipment
(both versions include PTP-PC for EADL)
HW-4-8I - EADL Package (USB-UIRT and PTP-PC for EADL) - $199
HW-4-X10 - IR-to-X10 Adapter w/1 appliance module - $150 (not new! lightly used)

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