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Switch-Adapted Digital Camera

This picture shows a little box on the side that allows for 1 switch to turn it on/off and a second switch for snapping the pic (or starting/stopping the video).  These days I use 2 wires with jacks because people were breaking the plastic box.
(click any pic to see it LARGER)

image of Jonathan using digital camera
Click the picture to see a great news story about Jonathan using this camera! (Thanks, Dianne & Jonathan!)

I want people with special needs to be able to do everything an able-bodied person can do, at least those things within my sphere of influence.  I've done this successfully with my Switch-Adapted Flip Camcorder, BIG Button iPod Remote, my Giant Remote for TV/cable/etc., my Switch-Adapted MP3 Players, and my BigCalculator.  Now I'm doing for a digital camera :)


Shown with optional Jumbo and Gumball switches (Gumball Switch is mounted on new Switch Poser; camera is mounted on my optional Mini-Arm using the included quick-connect.
Both switches are mounted on my new Switch-Poser)

image of mj and digital

MJ, from Fairborn, OH, says:

"Thank you for enabling me to be more independent. I can't do very much on my own but your adaptation of the camera has allowed me to show the world what the world looks like from where I sit."
(remember to click pics for larger images!)

I've switch-adapted this particular camera because it's of high enough quality for the task (and I have fairly strict criteria), mountable, and was reasonble to adapt. 

pic of alex

Alex K. of Fairfield, Iowa at camp

pic from alex's

Unretouched photo taken by Alex at camp

pic of squirrel
                        at alex's school

Great shot at Alex's school!

image of alex's

Alex's family

pic of alex and dad

Proud dad and Alex

All these photo's were taken with Alex's Switch-Adapted Digital Camera.  The top 3 were taken by Alex, who frames the shots by positioning his wheelchair with his head and turns on and takes pics with head switches.

(remember to click pics for larger images!)

image of switch-adapted digital
                              camera and dual button box

Here's my Dual Button Box
with labels appropriate for operation of theSwitch-Adapted Digital Camera, mounted on my Mini-Arm 

image of articulating arm on

For people over 10 or so, the double-segmented Articulating Arm bring the camera up higher

image of my dog bailey
Click pic for larger image of my dog, Bailey, taken with the Switch-Adapted Digital Camera!

Click here for a short video of Bailey in AVI format taken with this camera

Included camera case

Switch-Adapted Digital Camera Purchasing
H-43 - Switch-Adapted Digital Camera.....$249
(contains adapter for Arm (or any tripod-device), 2 GB SD memory card, USB cable, A/V cable (to plug into TV), and padded camera carry case)
H-57 - Mini-Arm.....$129  Purchase
H-1 - Articulating-Arm.....$149 Purchase
H-43-UWCC - Ultra-Wide Carry Case.....$49
holds everything, including the Mini-Arm)
H-43-ALL -  Switch-Adapted Digital Camera Package.....$349
(H-43, Mini-Arm, and Ultra-Wide carry case)

H-43-ALL-ARTIC -  Switch-Adapted Digital Camera Package.....$369
(H-43, Articulating Arm, and Ultra-Wide carry case)
H-31-CAM - Dual Button Box for Switch-Adapted Digital Camera.....$99 Purchase

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