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The CooperCar
(click here if you have one and wish to have me buy it back)

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image of
CooperCar shown with optional switches, Magic Arms, and Footrests
(picture is of
Chad, taken in 1991;he's much older now, I'm sure!)

2 refurbished CooperCars are now available (9-12-09)

Back in 1991, I came across the toy you see here (BOSS by Hedstrom) and modified it for a local young man I was working with, Brent.  For the next 9 years, I produced 884 CooperCars that went all over the world.  I brought it with me to numerous expos and conferences and I put over 1000 kiddos in it, to their immediate delight!  From the earliest functioning to the highest, it brought near-instant smiles and understanding.

The BOSS factory burned down in 1999 :(  I sold my last CooperCar in April, 2000.

It is operable by 1-4 switches, 1 for each direction, or a joystick.  I usually use 1-2 switches, since a direction switch causes the vehicle to spin on its axis, so if you have a second switch plugged into the Left jack, and wish to turn Right, just spin 270 degrees. 

***** Every once in awhile, people send their old ones back to me.  Either their child has outgrown it, it was sitting somewhere collecting dust, or they just turn up.

There simply is no alternative to The CooperCar.  Power chairs even for small children run into the thousands and thousands of dollars.

The CooperCar only works for kids less than 50 pounds.

image of Adam in
(Click pics for larger images)

The CooperCar is $1999 (plus $70 shipping). That's it. 

You use your own switches (or purchase from me), your own mounting arms (or purchase from me), and your own seating (I used to recommend the Carrie Seat by Tumbleforms as it has a steel internal structure; I don't recommend the 'squishy' Tumbleform' as that doesn't have an internal structure.)
image of dan & RJ

An instructional video comes with The CooperCar.

Want to change a life instantly?  Get a CooperCar!

These refurbs come with my full 1 year warranty. 

Feel free to call me with questions that I'm sure you have!  1-800-RJCooper, or email me.

As for funding, that's up to you.  As with my Auggies, I price things so low that I don't have staff or time to research funding issues.

RJ (left) & Dan (circuit designer)

If you have a CooperCar (and you'll know that it's not a cheap knock-off from a company that copied it from me, by seeing "CooperCar" on the electronics), then I do wish you'd contact me so we can get/keep it going!  I love 'resurrecting' them!  I still have parts.  It's not expensive and you *will* make a difference in someone's life!

If you don't want/need it anymore, I want to buy it back!
Please contact me!

The CooperCar
H-3 - The CooperCar.....$1999
H-3-FOOT - Footrests (for kids older than about age 10).....$99
H-3-JOY - Joystick.....$99

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