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ChinCheeka Dual Switch
(pronounced like the animal, Chinchilla)
(Click on pics for larger images)
image of Blaine and
Blaine (from AL) using my ChinCheeka
(includes 2 Compact Switches shown)

Blaine is step-scanning, using one switch to 'step' (move) through choices, and the other to 'select' (pick).  Blaine's ChinCheeka is attached to my Magic Arm, but can also be attached to my Mini-Arm or Articulating Arm.  This will depend upon the attachment point of the Arm to the wheelchair, and how hard they press the switches.  Please click on each of the above Arms to see what I mean.  See * below for more details.

The cheek Compact Switch can be moved to accommodate different size heads.

I have Step-Scanning in my AAC training software, Point To Pictures, my early literacy program, Spell-A-Word, my Talk 'n Scan Calculator program, and my early math program, 2+2.  He can even operate the entire computer, even typing, using just 2 switches, and my CrossScanner and OnScreen software.

IMPORTANT: 2 switches are not only good for Step-Scanning/control on the computer, but for switch-adapted items that require 2 switch controls!  These include my Digital Camera, MP3 Player/Drive, Voice Recorder, and Flip Camcorder :)

* If the distance between the point of Arm attachment to the chair (usually, right below the upper bend at the top, rear of their back support tubing) and their cheek is 13" or less, then the Mini-Arm should work over their shoulder.  If they are quite 'ballistic' in moving their head, then the Magic Arm is called for.  And if the distance is more than 13" but they are 'light' with their head movements, then the Articulating Arm will suffice.

H-51 - ChinCheekA Dual Switch...$129

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