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Switch-Adapted CD Player
(discontinued 6/15, replaced with MP3 Player)
(Click pic for larger image)
image of switch-adapted
                    CD Player
Gumball Switch plugged into switch input for Next Song
(other switch input is Play/Pause)

The Past:
We have used pushbutton cassette players since I've been in this field (since 1984!).  They almost always have a jack, built in, to attach a "foot" switch (or one of the many switches in *our* field of AT/AAC).  Press/latch the *mechanical* Play button, and now, when the switch is activated, the tape plays. 

OR, you can put a "battery interrupter" between a battery contact and the cassette player's contact, and then you plug one of our field's switches in to the interrupter, and the tape player is now "switch-adapted."

The Problem:
Enter the CD Player (and MP3 Player, and anything that operates *electronically* versus *mechanically*).  These devices do not have a mechanical pushbutton; they have an electronic pushbutton, and it does not stay 'latched' like a cassette player's button.  Devices of this nature require that someone (like me) wires a switch input directly to the desired internal button (such as Next Song or Play/Pause).

The Solution:
I listen to the types of devices you need to be switch-adapted.  I purchase a bunch of them, and find the ones with the best features, price points, and that I actually *can* adapt.  Then I offer them to you.  There are only a few companies that do this, and I pick functional devices and not toys, to adapt.

So, here's my Switch-Adapted CD Player, with switch inputs for Play/Pause and Next Song.  The feature that I most wanted was 'bookmarking' where it remembers where it was in playback when you shut it off, and begins right there when restarted.

I use the Sony DEJ011.

H-74 - Switch-Adapted CD Player.....$89 (discontinued 6/2015)

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