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Bluetooth Super-Switch (BSS)

image of
            bluetooth/ipad super switch
(click pics for bigger image)

It's cordless & works with iPad
, and now works with Camera, Music, and some e-book apps! 

Click here for iOS 7-9 Compatibility
Download Instructions

 (click here for the instructions if you have my BSS with NO red power button)

(click here for the instructions if you have my BSS with a red power button)

This one switch does it all!  It's 5" diameter makes a great target for those that need it.  And it's built-in switch interface can work with *any* switch(es) for "Auto" or "Step" scanning. 

NEW: And now you can use it to snap pictures in the Camera App, and for Play/Pause (and Next-Song with a second switch) in the Music App, and even to turn the page in some e-book apps (like iBooks and others).

It works by Bluetooth 2.1 for simple pairing and range of over 50 ft.  Any app that has been programmed for switch access can use my iPad Super Switch.  Many special needs/AAC app developers *are* incorporating switch access and these will work with my devices.

Click here for a list of switch-friendly apps and notes about my Bluetooth switch devices

By Bluetooth Super-Switch has a lithium-ion battery that recharges through your USB port or USB AC charger.

I also offer my Bluetooth Switch Interface if you don't need the switch portion and will use all your own switch(es)

image of super-switch and Gumball Switch
Here's a pic of the Bluetooth Super-Switch (on right), mounted on my Magic Arm, for making selections, and a Gumball Switch
(on left),
mounted on our Mini-Arm, which can Step-Scan through activities.
(click pic for larger image)

Please note that in the UK, the iPad Switch Interface is handled by Therapy Box

H-65 - Bluetooth Super-Switch.....$184
(still les than any competition!)

iOS Switch Control

Yes, my Bluetooth devices are fully Switch Control compatible!

Click here to read the *full* story on iOS 7 and my suggested Settings

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