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Now with new graphics and sounds!
Finally, BIG, ultra-visible cursors for all programs. Large selection, even 'lefties' (Windows). Many are even animated PLUS, other SIGNIFICANT cursor enhancements also. A great all-around utility that works within any software!

image of
            Biggy settings

Your normal cursor is usually 16x16 pixels, like this: Picture of normal Windows or Mac small cursor
The largest Windows cursors in the world can only be 32x32.

Our Biggies are 32x32 and even 32x64. And we've made them appear even bigger, in many cases. They are all in color. They are designed to be ultra-visible.  (OK, a few are both 'cute' and ultra-visible)

Biggy also lets you choose big & bold replacements for several small, hard-to-see other cursors, like the I-beam image of i-bar  and the 'Wait' cursors (the watch on the Mac image of mac
            wait and hourglass in Windows image of hourglass ).

Both Mac OS 9 and Windows versions also have the following options:

Windows versions also contain the following options:

NEW with Biggy PLUS version 3.4!
And these features remain from our old version:
The Mac OS 9 version: The Mac OS X version:
(Read my Downloading notes to learn more about
downloading, decoding, and decompressing)
Biggy Software for Download (Nothing will be shipped! See below for CD version)
1) Download the software. It will let you try it for 14 days.  You must then...

2) Purchase a Registration Code (or you can purchase the Code at any time)
SW-1R - Registration Code for newest Biggy PLUS for ALL Windows - $59
(Be patient after you click)
Download Now

SMX-1R - Registration Code for Biggy for Mac for OS X - 
(OS X upgrades from earlier versions are available for $49 by contacting us)

OS 10.4-10.5 ONLY*
Download Now

OS 10.2 & 10.3
Download Now
Purchase Either
SM-1R - Registration Code for Biggy for Mac (OS 9 and earlier) - $59

Download Now

* Discontinued development 10.6 and above.  Lost the programmer :-( Use System Prefs, Universal Access, Mouse, Magnify.

Biggy Software for Shipment
SMX-1 -  Biggy for Mac for OS 10.1-10.5 ONLY* $59
(OS X upgrades from earlier versions are available for $49 by contacting us)
SM-1 -  Biggy for Mac for OS 9 and earlier - $59
SW-1 -  Biggy for ALL Windows - $59

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