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Augmentative Communication Device

image of
                Super-Auggie tablet
The Super-Auggie comes with a protective leather case with screen access *and* shoulder strap
(Click on any picture to see it larger)

I am not out to compete with the 'big boys', but for those of you that have known my work for the past 21 years, you expect low cost alternatives from me.  I hope this offering does not disappoint.  Super Auggie consists of a 'slate PC' (about the size of a piece of paper), running Windows 7, with a 12.1" true touchscreen.  Basically, as with my Auggie, it is 'just' a PC, just like your desktop/laptop!  That means anything your computer can do, my Super-Auggie can do.  PLUS it serves as an excellent alternative to the 'big boys' of AAC, and also as an alternative to the iPad.

image of Derek
                  and Super-Auggie
Derek from MI received his Super-Auggie (in leather carry case) from his local Make A Wish!
(Note the Auggie Arm on the left as his mount, and my Mini-Arm on the right holding his Gumball Switch;
the Bluetooth speaker is mounted on the rear of the Super-Auggie

(Click pic for larger image)

You can: Now here are the compromises I've had to make because of the price:

1) The Super Auggie's Bluetooth (wireless) speaker attaches securely to the rear of the unit, is sufficiently loud, and very clear.
2) The Super-Auggie's battery life is around 3-5 hours, dependent upon usage.
3) The Super-Auggie does not have uilt-in switch inputs.   The Super-Auggie requires a USB switch or switch interface.
4) Ruggedness - with the new leather case, I think mine is as rugged as anything out there.  Includes screen protector.
5) The Super-Auggie does not have a built-in CD drive.  It is external, plugs into 1 of the 2 USB ports, and is also a DVD drive, so the user can watch movies!

Included are:
  • 2 GB MB RAM
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 Compact Flash slot
  • 1 GHz Pentium
  • 32 GB SSD (Solid State Drive-no moving parts)
  • Desk stand
  • Power supply
  • Rechargeable battery (lasts about 3-5 hours of normal use)
Optional Accessory Pack includes:
  • Compact keyboard (13" x 6 1/2") with built-in trackpad
  • USB DVD/CD player
  • Carry Case for everything
More details:
  • Dimensions: 12.28” x 8.16” x 0.67”
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs w/battery and speaker and case
  • Display:  12.1" (9 3/4" x 7 3/8")
Click here to look at our Auggie Arm

If you will be creating/editing Boards on a desktop computer, and moving them to Super-Auggie, I strongly recommend a USB thumb drive!

H-44 - Super Auggie.....$1999
H-44-ACC - Accessory Pack - $399 Order
2 year Accident Protection (click here to read terms and conditions) - $350 Order
SW-20 - BoardMaker w/Speaking Dynamically Pro.....$749
(same price as Mayer-Johnson, the developers of this product)

Insurance Versions - Speech Generating Device (SGD)
(These are identical to above, except they are "coded" for insurance purposes)
H-44D - Dedicated Speech Generating Device (HCPCS: E2510) Super Auggie.....$1995
H-44D-SDP - Dedicated Speech Generating Device w/BM-SDPro on-board (HCPCS: E2510) Super Auggie.....$2748

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