Auggie Rental Program

To make things as simple as possible, our program for *any* of our Auggies (Mini-Auggie, Auggie, Super-Auggie), covers a/each 2 week period for $300 ($350 for Canada) and we pay all shipping.  There are no exceptions.  This period covers from receipt of the device to actual shipment back to us.  We issue a Call Tag to UPS to pick up the unit and we pay all shipping.

Loan/Preview: Because of our low cost, and the fact that AAC devices are not our primary line of products (other companies do *only* AAC devices), we have instituted a rental program instead of a loan/preview program.  We have tried loaner/previews but things come back late, missing parts, mis-communication, presenter scheduling, etc.  So our rental program is the only option for trying/seeing/showing our Auggies.

For comparison, here are a few of the 'big boys' prices on their rentals:
$75/wk + $40 shipping
$125/wk + $40 shipping
$600/mo ($150/wk) + $100 shipping
(These are the others' prices)

Rental fees, which I feel are comparable, may be applied to purchase price, if purchase is made within 3 months of rental.

Optional insurance for the rental period is available at $100/2 week period(s).  This covers any problems that might arise except for drastic physical abuse (such as dropping and destroying the unit).

Remember, AAC devices are not our primary line of business, like the 'big boys' of AAC.  So we do not have the staff (nor pricetag) to help with funding.  We're doing this to provide alternatives to the more expensive (but great!) stuff out there.

One more time: $300 ($350 to Canada) for 2 week period and we pay all shipping.

Click here to download/print Rental Contract