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Augmentative Communication Device
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Image 2image of Auggie Juniorimage of Auggie Junior
My daughter, Courtney, modeling Mini-Auggie
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Using a state-of-the-art PocketPC (HP iPaq) 2495, I have developed an inexpensive portable Augmentative Communication (Aug. Comm.) device.  I have created software, Point To Pictures - Mobile (PTP-Mobile), that is simple but fairly powerful.  Mini-Auggie is touch-sensitve. The Mayer-Johnson PCS library is included on SD card, and the Dell has built-in voice recording abilities, no external editing device is necessary.  And the black rugged case that the PPC is in is almost all speaker, and sounds great at a very nice volume.  The weight is 1.2 pounds and battery life is all-day.  Unlimited number of 'pages' with up to 25 pictures per page can be stored, jumped to, and retrieved.  A feature that other Aug. Comm. programs of this nature do not have is the full-screen display of the selected pic, which greatly enhances the 'speaking' power of the device.

We have recently added switch(es) scanning capability to the PTP-Mobile AAC software on the Pocket PC.  This means that the program can be operated by someone that can touch the screen (anywhere) at specific times, or with our optional Cordless Mini-Auggie Switch Interface, which then can do Auto- and Step-Scanning (even auditorially!).

Remind Me: PPC
A second program that is an option is a reminder system that I have wanted to create for many years now.  Remind Me: PPC reminds the wearer, throughout the day, of things/places that you set up for him/her.  When an alarm goes off, a digital picture is displayed along with a voice file you have recorded, such as "Time to go to the gym, Bobbi."  When he/she gets there, they touch the screen and a sequence of pictures/voice files plays that guides Bobbi through that activity.  You can have reminders go off at certain times of the day, week, month, year, and even *every* day, week, or whatever, even timed for weekdays versus weekends.

When thinking about a device of this nature, you must compare my price to the 'competition'.  There are several PDA-based Aug. Comm. products on the Assistive Tech market, and all of them are in the $2000-$3500 price range.  And the sound output is still not as good as my Mini-Auggie!

Click here to download and print the Mini-Auggie booklet

Click here to download/install The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP)

Find your desired NeoSpeech voice below and click

(When downloading, have your PPC connected to your PC. When prompted, choose Run/Open)

History of Updates for PTP-Mobile

History of Updates for Remind Me!

Purchase Options

H-19 - Mini-Auggie  - $1149
(includes HP 2495 PocketPC,
PTP-Mobile AAC software, and 1 year Accidental Coverage)
(Requires PC with Windows 98 SE or greater)

Download latest PTP-Mobile Now
(Ver. 1.0.216B


SMA-1 - Remind Me! software - $119
(Download allows 14 day trial; purchase provide Reg. Code)
Download Now
(Ver. 1.0.69B


H-19-BAT - extra Battery - $49
H-19-ACC-2 -  2 yr. Complete Accident Coverage -  $199
(regular warranty is 1 yr. manufacturer defect only)
H-19-SI - Cordless Switch(es) Interface for Mini-Auggie - $129

The following items are included in H-19 Mini-Auggie, but also available separately for those with their own Pocket PC.

SMA-2 - PTP-Mobile software - $199
(Download above allows 14 day trial;
purchase provide Reg. Code)

SD-PCS - SD Card with 7000 PCS images - $199
HMA-1 - Speaker/Case/shoulder strap - $99
H-19-SD-256 - 512 MB SD Card for current owners of Mini-Auggie - $49

If you are installing this on to a Pocket PC with an Operating System older than Wndows Mobile 2003, you will probably need to download and install Microsoft's .Net Compact Framework

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