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(Augmentative Communication Device)

image of

The Auggie with its native Windows 7 :)

(Remember!  It's *just a PC running Windows*. So everything that loads/runs on your desktop PC will work on my Auggie!
image of auggie in blue case
Here's the new Auggie (Windows 7) in a blue Carry Case on my Tablet Stand, running my included PTP-PC AAC software
(Carry Case is included, your choice of black, red,  blue, or pink)

(click any pic for larger image)

1/17/13 Note:  Be aware that, in some cases, I use a refurbished tablet, that is fully warrantied (1 year) and fully functional, but might have some blemishes.  That is because the less expensive tablets running Windows 7 are not made anymore, as when I first started this project years ago.  New Windows 8 tablets would increase your cost to about $1500!

image of ipad carry caseimage 2
                      of ipad carry case
Here's my daughter, Courtney, with the Auggie in landscape mode on left and portrait on right.,
using the included Tablet Carry Case

(click any pic for larger image)

The iPad has made, and continues to make a HUGE impact on our fields of AT (Assistive Technology) and AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication).  It's finally pushed people out of, what I call, the 'big boys' mentality.  That is, there *are* other devices than those for $6,000 and up.  I climbed on the iPad 'bandwagon' right away, when it was released in April of 2010, and have been making accessories that mke it *truly* accessible and safe.

What was/is it about the iPad that 'breaks the mold'?  One thing is the great 'form factor' (weight, size, battery life).  Ease of use and easy availability of apps, as well as the price of those apps, has definitely made the iPad endearing.

However, in the time since its introduction, many people found that the iPad is not the tool for *their* needs.  There is a list of reasons why this is; click here to read them at the bottom of this page.  But the biggest impediment was that everything for the iPad *must* go through Apple.

So, responding to *your* requests, I'm importing my own tablet that fits the form factor, but does what 'YOU' have asked me for, to have it running Windows 7.  Now it's just like *any* PC in your domain.  Remember, my Auggies are *just PC's running Windows*.  If you keep that in mind, you'll answer a lot of your own questions.

For actual specs, click here to view my comparison of the iPad 1 and my Auggie (the iPad 2 was recently released by Apple; it's lighter and faster and has both forward and rear cameras).

(click any pic for larger image)

image of auggie in black case and stand

Tablet Carry Case in our
Tablet Stand
image of Tablet Carry Case with Speaker
 Tablet Carry Case showing Tablet Speaker
(adhered by included ultra-strong Velcro
BRAND fastener tape)

You can:

image of Auggie on Mini-Arm

Auggie on Mini-Arm

image of Auggie on Mini-Arm
Auggie, from rear, on Mini-Arm
Click here for my Tablet Mounts

For specs, please click here
Optional Accessory Pack includes:
H-58 - Auggie.....$999 (you MUST specify black, red, blue, or pink for your Carry Case in the Comments section during Checkout, or on your P.O., or we will send black)
H-58-ACC - Accessory Pack - $399
H-58-AP - 2 year Accident Protection (click here to read terms and conditions) - $350
SW-20 - BoardMaker w/Speaking Dynamically Pro.....$749
(same price as Mayer-Johnson, the developers of this product)

Insurance Versions - Speech Generating Device (SGD)
(HCPCS Code: E2510 - The "dedicated" below means the device can be set to be *only* an SGD, for insurance claims)
H-58-D - Dedicated SGD (HCPCS: E2510) Auggie.....$999 Order
H-58-D-SDP - Dedicated SGD w/BM-SDPro on-board (HCPCS: E2510) Auggie.....$1748 Order

Possible reasons for *not* getting an iPad

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