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Accident Protection for Auggies)
If you ordered this option for your Auggie/Super-Auggie, you must read the disclaimer below.
If you *want* to order this option for an Auggie/Super-Auggie you already received, after reading the disclaimer below, you may do so within 10 days of receipt of your order.

This makes your purchase so much easier, knowing you're completely covered even for 'droppage', the most likely cause of damage, or applying trauma to the screen.  But it is not a one-way street'; it requires your support also!

1) You MUST have the screen protector (clear acetate sheet) on at all times.  It's possible that your user might peel it off.  Make sure one is on, or ask me for another.  I will gladly supply you with a few at no charge.  If you break your screen, and send it in for repair/replacement, I'll know right away whether your screen protector was on.

2) Units that are *completely* trashed, suffered obvious mis-use, or you ran over it with your car, will be excluded from this contract.  Only units that have been dropped or smacked or just suffered a small accident will be covered.

3) You MUST use the leather Carry Case that came with your Auggie at all times, or in the case of wheelchair mounting, a Bumper Case.

4) You must understand that I am going 'above and beyond' to bring this to you, and understand my limitations.  The above precautions will limit your damage and my liability.

5) All decisions as to coverage are made by me and not subject to negotiation.  I fall upon my experience of 27 years of helping people to make these decisions.

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